MAC Address spoofing

While travelling and visiting a family members home recently, I ran into an issue with their modem not allowing me to connect with my laptop. Turns out that their provider had MAC filtering on their system.

A MAC Address is a unique number (hexadecimal) that most every network adapter has. When you plug in a cable to a router and then to your computer, the first communication that occurs is the two devices declaring who they are by stating their MAC address (Ok, this is a big simplification, but no need to digress to far). MAC addresses are intended to be globally unique, and as such are divided into two: The manufacturer ID and a manufacturer assigned ID. This helps guarantee that all MAC addresses are unique.

Rouge Security Infections on the Rise

It seems lately that all of my friends, family and clients have come to me with a machine infected with rouge Security software. I spoke with a friend of mine who is in software engineering, who told me he had 6 laptops strewn out across his desk each with a different rouge security software infection. Rogue security software, or "scareware," is software that pretends to be legitimate security software. These rogue applications provide little or no value and may even install malicious code or reduce the overall security of the computer. It installs and pops up false warnings and alerts, urging you to puchase their software to remove them. Unsuspecting users usually end up purchasing the same virus infecting their computer.

Implementing the Xml-Rpc Spec in C#: Part 2

Sorry for the long span between posts, but things have been pretty busy here.

In the First Partof this series, we reviews the Xml-Rpc specifications and used the XSD tool to generate our starting point. Now, we'll tackle some of the basic changes we've done to those generated files.

Create your own Foxfire extensions

There are multitude amount of Firefox extensions downloadable over the internet right now targeting day to day website visitors and developers as their primary audience. ... This being said, have you ever wondered what would it take to make such amazing software tools Let me walk you through the fundamental steps in making a very basic Firefox extension.

SEC To Ban Social Media From College Games

Adam Ostrow has posted a blog about the SECs (That's the South Eastern Conference, NOT the Securities and Exchanges Committee) decision to prohibit attendees from making any comments about the games they are at in any form. This is essentially a blockage against Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like. I,for one, would like to take this opportunity to say what a profoundly stupid idea this is.

For full disclosure, I don't have a twitter account and I do not follow anybody's tweets. I do have a Facebook account, but I almost never log in to it. My general life is much too busy for these. However, I did go to the University of Florida, which is in the SEC.